Are you passionate about creating positive change in Singapore?

Do you believe in the power of community engagement and democratic principles?

If so, we invite you to join the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) and actively participate in shaping our nation's future.

At PSP, we firmly believe that progress comes from the collective efforts of dedicated individuals working towards a common goal. As a Political Party committed to improving Singapore, we welcome interested individuals to join us as volunteers and contribute their skills, ideas, and energy to our cause.

By joining PSP, you can actively engage in ground operations, working closely with our dedicated team to make a tangible impact. Here are some of the key benefits of joining us:

Meaningful Community Engagement:

You will play a vital role in connecting with residents on the ground. Through door-to-door visits, festive distribution events, newsletter distribution, and residence engagement activities, you can directly interact with the community, understand their concerns, and advocate for their needs. Building solid relationships with residents, you will contribute to fostering a sense of unity, trust, and belonging.

Personal Growth and Development:

PSP is committed to supporting our members' personal growth and development. You will gain valuable experience in community organizing, communication, and problem-solving. These skills are not only beneficial within our Party but will also enhance your overall professional and personal life.

Networking and Collaboration:

PSP provides a platform for connecting with like-minded individuals with a shared vision for progress in Singapore. By joining our Party, you can collaborate with fellow members, exchange ideas, and work together towards common goals. The strong bonds forged within our community will provide you with a supportive network that can inspire, motivate, and drive change.

Involvement in Back-End Functional Areas:

You can join various back-end Functional Groups catering to your interests and skills. Whether your expertise lies in policy research, communications, event planning, or technology, we have a dedicated group that values your contributions. You can further develop your skills through these Functional Groups, contribute to party operations, and actively shape our Party's direction.

Impactful Advocacy:

You can contribute to policy development, participate in public forums, and advocate for progressive change. Through our collaborative approach, we actively seek input from our members, encouraging diverse perspectives and ensuring that the voices of Singaporeans are heard in shaping our policies and initiatives.

Membership Types

Volunteer - Singaporeans can complete and submit the Volunteer Application Form, and you will get a lifetime free Volunteer Membership if your application is approved.

Member - Volunteers recommended by the Head of the Branch or Functional Areas and approved by CEC can be converted to a Member Membership. There is a $10.00 yearly subscription fee for Member Membership.

We encourage you to embark on this rewarding journey with the Progress Singapore Party. Together, we can work towards a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous Singapore.

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    Join as a Volunteer

    Joining PSP as a volunteer is the first step towards becoming a valued member of our Party. Once your application is approved, you will be able to participate in the activities organised by the various Branches and/or Functional Areas you have chosen.

    Subsequently, if you find your experience fulfilling, do apply to become a Member of the Party through your Head of the Branch or Functional Areas.

    PSP Member Relationships Management System (MRMS) powered by Glue-UP

    MRMS is available for both Members and Volunteers and is accessible via a web browser or the My Glue mobile application. The MRMS enables you to stay in touch with the PSP Community and participate in Events organized by the Branches.

    You will receive an invitation email to register for MRMS once your application is accepted.

    The email and password you entered on the Application Form will be the credentials for registering your Glue-Up account.

    The First and Last Name on the Application Form will be your Preferred Name, and there is a field for you to enter your Name as per your NRIC. For example: 

    First Name: Anthony

    Last Name: Neo

    Name as per NRIC: Neo Woon Cheem

    Preferred Name: Anthony Neo will be used by PSP to address you.